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This winter Kostya Lubyagin, Alexandr Veretenin and Oleg Golovkin visited Indonesia  Sumatra island. In New Year's adventures were a few feats
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Two trailers of "High" - a boating film brought to you by British kayakers coming March 2013 Featuring high water from: Kenya, Russia, Pakistan, India, Great Britain
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For two year we want to spend winter in Altay mountains, but warmer countries are very attractive. Our winter season we opening we in ski resort Sheregesh.

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There are few short video films from Nepal. You can see such rivers as Arun, Humla Karnali, Karnali
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Tours and prices on season 2012 now available. Check it now.

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Whitewater in Siberian Sayan, Russia and Kazakhstan Altay, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Tian Shan and Pamirs

Kayakussr - trips and prices 2013

Empire - a new movie by kayakUSSR team is out!

The empire formerly known as the USSR has vanished, but the mountains still stand high and the rivers still hold world class whitewater. Empire follows the best Russian expedition kayakers for two years as they hunt down its most extreme whitewater.

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Russian kayak trip in a couple of clicks

The USSR empire vanished. But mountains still stand up high and rivers still flow. The land that has been hidden by the iron curtain is ready to welcome anyone of you wishing to have the most exciting kayaking journey of your life. Get the thrill of running the supreme rivers of former USSR! We are a team of Russian kayakers, who have traveled the world in search of the best whitewater. We know what it's like all over the planet. Now we want to bring the potential of our motherland rivers to you.

Random photos from kayakUSSR.com archive:

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Kayak Trips in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan >>

We have a complete plan of the best kayaking for the whole season in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Rivers are chosen in respect to weather conditions and waterlevels to ensure that you get the best out of them. Just sign up for any part of the schedule. In addition to that you can build up your own trip and get guiding and safety.

Guides for your tour >>

Hire a guide who knows rivers, roads and local laws and local people perfectly. And remember - there are no english speaking people outside of big Russian cities.

Transport in Altay, Sayan, Tian Shan and Pamirs >>

We are ready to provide you with any transport you might possibly need. Pick you up at the airport. Bring to any river put-in. Play shuttle bunny for you.

USSR rivers guidebook - kayaking in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan >>

Check this out for basic river info of regions - Tian Shan, Altai (Southern Siberia), Pamirs, Sayan (Eastern Siberia).


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